It's a Terrible Day in the Neighborhood - October 27, 2018

A longtime friend, whom I met while a student at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh,
wrote in an e-mail that the horrible shooting at the ‘Tree of Life’ Synagogue occurred in—literally—Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! The Squirrel Hill community, home to the late Fred Rogers, is in mourning— and we share in their sorrow; sadness for lives so tragically lost and concern for the condition of our national life.
Anti-semitism is an ancient and historic hatred. Still, we are shocked to see it erupt in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood on a Saturday like so many others; a day of rest shattered by gunfire, hatred and death.
This ‘terrible day in the neighborhood’ is another reminder that we do not live in a land of make-believe ruled by a beneficent and kindly king; a sweet and childlike world springing from the imagination of Mister Rogers.
But—one day—we will live in an even better world; a ‘world to come,’ ruled by ‘Sar Shalom,’ our ‘Prince of Peace!’
We who believe in Yeshua-Jesus- look for His return to this place of violence, tears and fears; we long to live in HIS Kingdom of love; an eternal ‘shabbat’—an eternal sabbath rest.
However, we are aware those eternal promises may provide little solace for the dear people at ‘Tree of Life.’ For them, Shabbat has been forever altered, and their lives will never be the same.
And so, we join with all those who pray that the God of Israel will surround the people of Pittsburgh—particularly the Jewish community—with His help and His comfort; may He speak hope to their hurting hearts and whisper a promise for a better, a more beautiful day in their neighborhood, their country, their world.

In His Shalom, His Peace,
Marty Goetz and family